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9×90™ Presents: The AMA after Adi Soozin made 400% ROI in crypto this year (#13)

9×90 Episode 13

This event is brought to you by 9×90™

This event was hosted by Mihir Bhalla, who was joined by Adi Soozin

Some of you have asked for us to step a little bit outside of the startup world for a day, to speak about how Adi Soozin has used her startup knowledge and experience to make money trading crypto currencies.

Please note that this interview is of a marketer, just sharing her experience with friends. Nothing in this video is to be taken & interpreted as a form of financial advice.

If you would like to join the crypto conversation on Telegram, here is the link:

Below is more information on the platforms I use for trading

Referral links allow you & your friend to pocket the money that a company would have spent on paid advertising, to attract a new client. So when you use a referral link you basically are paying yourself to become a new customer 💃🙌


Join Robinhood with my link and we’ll both get free stock 🤝

Pros: I like to wait for a dip, then buy in. In May of 2021 China’s ban on certain crypto currencies  created the perfect opportunity to “buy the dip”. The subsequent buying & exiting frenzy lead many exchanges to crash. Robinhood was one of the only places you could buy the dip that day. 

Cons: When you buy crypto with Robinhood you do not own the currency, this is a plus and a minus. The other downside is that Robinhood prioritizes filling your purchase order, instead of getting you the best deal. Example: the other day I placed a buy order (a request to purchase a certain currency) that was below the current market value. In Binance it was filled when there was a momentary dip so small the chart didn’t record it. In Robinhood I’ve stared at my phone for up to 10 minutes waiting for a buy order to go through & it wasn’t filled until my buy order was $10 over the current market value 😒


Coinbase is a great place to learn about crypto and earn free coins. But after you do that, move your coins elsewhere. Coinbase not only has obnoxious fees, it also places a margin on the coins sold on their exchange so you pay too much for the same coins you can buy on Binance.

Use this link & we both will get free Bitcoins (or something else, this varies based on their latest promotional offer): 


Binance is by far my most favorite exchange in the Us. With the lowest fees & one of the largest lists of coins available in the US. This is where I do the majority of my trades. 

Binance US referral link:

Binance referral link for Non-US residence

The downside of Binance is that when there are too many requests for buy/sell it can crash so you need to have your coins saved to cold storage & keep a little extra cash spread across other exchanges (like Robinhood and Coinbase so you don’t miss the opportunity to buy when there is a crash)

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Adi Soozin, Adi Vaughn Soozin

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