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Diana Hernandez -From Corporate Success to CBD Wellness (#14)

9×90 Episode 14


Diana Hernandez is a Business Administrator, holding a Master’s degree in Corporate Communications from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. With over 15 years of professional experience, she has honed her expertise in the areas of human resources, marketing, and project management, with a particular focus on aligning people, teams, and business units.

Diana’s career journey has taken her through diverse sectors, including fast-moving consumer goods and technology companies, where she played a pivotal role in marketing. In addition to her marketing acumen, she has delved into the realm of HR consultancy, where her knowledge and insights have proven invaluable in executing projects, product launches, and effective commercial management. Notably, Diana has also taken the lead in a groundbreaking project related to CBD within a multinational Medicinal Cannabis company.

Her wealth of experience, particularly in the field of HR, has equipped Diana with the skills and strategic thinking necessary to drive successful projects and navigate the complexities of commercial endeavors

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