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Now playing in 36 countries across 14 platforms

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Radio Eden

9×90 Show

The Coastal Living Real Estate Group


Less than 40% capacity

(Spring 2016)

Idea on paper

(Spring 2019)

Idea on paper

(Spring 2014)


100% capacity

(by the end of summer 2016)

Playing in 36 countries across 14 platforms

(by the end of summer 2016)

$108,757,750 in sales

(by 2019)

Rapid Growth is a Science, not GUESSWORK

Our proprietary A.I. takes into account every growth hack & viral marketing strategy to bring you the perfect strategy.

Over the past decade our team of marketing & growth hacking experts have worked on innovate ways to increase customer acquisition, conversion and retention across a range of industries. We’ve helped companies around the world, just like yours, to cut the dead weight, identify new growth opportunities and grow revenue quicker than before.

Whether you’re an early stage startup or an established corporation, we’re here for you.

We have the services you need to get to your destination.

 More Leads

Increase potential customer inquiries.

More Online Traffic

Drive more visitors to your website.

More Website Clicks

Boost engagement with clickable content.

What do our customers say about MD9™?

Bonnie Wells

Broker at Coastal Living Real Estate Group, LLC

“We entered a highly competitive market with a projected chance of failure at 90%. Working with Adi, we launched to no. 1 in our town our first year and expanded to be no. 10 in the country by 2018”

Jerry Levey

President at Nourmandy Franchise Consulting Specialists

Adi’s internet  & social media marketing skills are truly amazing! I suspect she has secretly come into possession of Aladdin’s Lamp!

Olivia Ramos

CEO, Deepblocks

A few hours with Adi helped me refine our overall strategy for all our marketing assets. We reviewed the website, our product, and different social media platforms. She provided a series of resources and strategies that are priceless. We are already seeing results from the suggestions we have implemented and have a list of things to do still, which is exciting. I think meeting with Adi should be done on a regular basis because the details from her decade of seeing results, that makes all the difference.

Asher Breverman

Product Dircetor, MySpine

Adi is consistently using new growth hacks before 99% of the population knows they exist. She leverages new developments, tools and strategies, six to eighteen months before they appear in the ‘top 5 things to know’ Medium articles written by “cutting-edge’ digital marketing gurus.

You missed Etsy in 2012…

You missed Dropshipping in 2015…

You missed Bitcoin in  2018…

You missed NFT’s in 2022…

DO NOT MISS the Millionaire Accelerator in 2023

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