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The Fundamental Growth Checklist

By Adi Soozin

When a company isn’t growing as fast as it should & I’m called in to figure out why, I start with this checklist.

Check that the data infrastructure is setup. Click here to see the tools I recommend.
If looking to add in additional revenue streams, run the options through the money maker framework. Click here to download the Money Maker Workbook.
Check that the website has at least three customer reviews & case studies. If it doesn’t click here to see how I collect these.
checklist 1
checklist 2
Confirm that the website contains all of the content needed for better website conversions & SEO. Click here to view my checklist.
If the company does not have a high converting email marketing lead magnet, create one. Click here to download the “How to Create a High Converting Lead Magnet” Workbook.
Review company partnership programs, if there aren’t any, it is time to create at least one or two. Click here to see how I do this.
Review the company’s backlink profile.
Where applicable, add the company website to a few directories. Click here to see a list of 100 places to consider.
If they have not been in the press recently, get the founders of the company to guest appear on podcasts & talk shows. Click here to see how I set these up.
checklist 3
checklist 4
If the company is not a luxury brand, create a coupon code. Click here to see where I submit new coupon codes.
Review the company’s promotional calendar. Create promotions to align with the local populations pay-days (example: in the US it is the 1st & 15th of the month).
If there isn’t an automation sending out exclusive offers to increase the number of happy reviews published to 3rd party websites, create one. Click here to see examples of the types of offers I’ve seen work well.
If there isn’t chat support offered on the website, add it along with an automated flow to direct customers to the right personnel. Click here to see my notes on this.
If there isn’t an FAQ on the website, add it to improve website conversions & SEO. Click here to see how I create one from scratch.
Review the company’s happy customer testimonials. Add them to the company’s landing pages & social media pages. Click here to see how it is done.
checklist 5
checklist 6
Check if the company rank’s #1 for their own company’s name. If they do not, you can check out the process I use to get them to rank #1 here.
Run the company through Molo9™ to complete outstanding items listed in the recommended roadmap. Click here to see how to change your Molo9™ settings to view this.


You have successfully made it through my Startup Launch Checklist.   Let’s keep the momentum going: 

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