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We’re looking for a few more of our dream clients who we can work with 1/1 for the next 6 months!
If that's you, then keep reading...

This Is Perhaps The Most Important Message Of Your Life

Hey there,

No matter how you found your way here, we want to assure you of one thing:

This is something truly exceptional, a rare opportunity we extend to only a select few individuals.

It’s Time to Take the Next Step

We’ve built our own successful 6-figure Instagram business, granting us the freedom to work from anywhere and lead our desired lives.


Over time, more and more people have approached us, inquiring how we achieved this feat. We receive daily messages from individuals seeking guidance on building their Instagram businesses.

After transitioning from the 9-5 grind to becoming our own bosses and living life on our terms, we feel it’s time to give back.

Hence, we’re on the lookout for a handful of dream clients! If you’re one of them, we’ll work directly with you over the next 6 months, assisting you in constructing your very own 6-figure dream business powered by Instagram.


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It’s Time to Take the Next Step

Here’s a vital point, ladies: Success doesn’t materialize without effort!

Regardless of what others may tell you, no one reaches the pinnacle without dedication, persistence, and the willingness to put in the hard work.

There isn’t a single individual who achieved greatness without committing sweat, toil, and tears to their journey.

However, there’s a shortcut that can save you significant time, effort, and frustration—learning from the mistakes of others.

Think about it: countless people have walked this path before you, many of them more astute and experienced than you. They’ve uncovered insights and achieved milestones you’ve yet to reach.

So, why reinvent the wheel and repeat the errors others have already made? That wouldn’t be logical.

Imagine how rapidly and effortlessly you could reach your goals by following the precise steps that those who’ve already achieved what you aspire to accomplish are willing to share with you.

This shortcut is called MENTORING, the intelligent way forward.

But what does mentoring entail?

Mentoring involves seeking guidance from someone (a mentor) who has advanced significantly in a particular area of life, someone who has already accomplished the very goals you aspire to achieve. They provide you with a proven blueprint, guiding you on what to do and, equally crucial, what not to do.

This can pertain to various aspects of life, be it fitness, career, business, relationships, or your social sphere.

If you’re determined to achieve something substantial in your life,
If you aren’t content with mediocrity and seek a life beyond the ordinary 9-to-5 routine,
If you’re a person of action, unfazed by excuses, and understand the value of swift implementation,
And most importantly, if you’re serious about harnessing the potential of Instagram to make money and construct your 6-figure dream business,

Then, you’re in the right place.

Do You Want to Work One-on-One With Us for the Next 6 Months and Let Us Guide You in Crafting Your 6/7 Figure Dream Business with Instagram’s Power?

Do You Desire Us as Your Mentors?

Attention : This Opportunity Is Not for Everyone!

A word of caution: This journey will be intense.

We’ll be dedicating significant time to work closely with those who qualify for our one-on-one mentoring.

Our objective is to propel forward with a select group of individuals and assist them in creating their own 6-figure dream businesses through Instagram.

But please understand, this isn’t suitable for everyone…

You have to apply TO JOIN US


As you may already know, our community spans the globe, and we receive messages like “Can you show me how to make money with Instagram?” and “Can you help me build my Instagram business?” daily.

That’s why we require you to apply to work with us. As mentioned, we’re searching for a few more dream clients whom we can work with closely.

So, if you’re eager to collaborate with us one-on-one over the next 6 months and wish for our personal guidance in constructing your 6-figure dream business powered by Instagram, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and complete your application now!

With love,


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For Whom is this Opportunity?

Several CRITERIA must be met to qualify for one-on-one mentoring with Selina and Maribel:

  • You need WILLPOWER: Challenges don’t deter you; you thrive on conquering new obstacles.
  • You are HUNGRY: Mediocrity isn’t your aspiration. You crave more than the average life.
  • You are an ACTION TAKER: Excuses have no place in your life. You act on your ideas promptly because you comprehend that knowledge alone is futile without implementation.

Here’s How The 6 Month 1/1 Mentoring Works:

#1: After deciding to work 1/1 with Adi  you will be redirected directly to a form where you have to answer some questions, describe your current situation, let them know what your goals are, what you are struggling with etc… so that they can prepare for the first call.

#2: After you filled out the form, you have to select a time, when you are available for your first call. You’ll have the first call with Selina and Maribel or one or their team members. In it they’ll take a look at your Instagram account and business / your current situation and show you what you can achieve with the help of Adi.

#3: If they think you’re a good fit for mentoring and you decide to do it, you’ll get direct access to the Instagram Society mentoring program and set the time for a 90 minute strategy call with Adi

#4: In this strategy call Adi will show you your unique growth, branding and money making strategy and a 90 day step-by-step action plan.

#5: And then…. guess what: That’s where the 1/1 Mentoring starts!

I want to learn how to make an extra $2,000 to $20,000 per month promoting other peoples companies

 I want to learn how to build and sell website design services

 I want to turn my idea into a profitable business.


Do yourself a little favor. You are worth it.

As Warren Buffet says:

“The Best Investment, That You Can Make Is In Yourself”

Time is of the essence! The fact that you’re still on this page means that Adi’s application process for the 6-month 1/1 mentoring is still open.

But don’t wait too long; this could change in an instant!

To maximize your chances of working closely with Selina and Maribel for the next six months, act now. Apply promptly and reach out to us if you’re genuinely committed.

If you’re ready for the next step, click the button below, complete the application form, and follow the instructions. We’ll be in touch to provide feedback and guidance.

Adi can only accept a very small number of people. You have to apply to work with us. We will read through all applications and get in contact with you. Click on the button and apply now:
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