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The 9x90 Show

Now playing in 36 countries across 14 platforms

Step into the thrilling realm of personal branding – this incredibly rewarding journey starts now!

As you venture forward with the incredible 9×90™ team behind you, you can trust that we are not only dedicated to making this first step a total success, but also giving you the tools necessary to ignite your guest show appearances with a dazzling start.

So, what’s the step-by-step process to make this happen? Here’s how it all works:

  1. Confirmation and Scheduling: Once we’ve confirmed your purchase, a member of our dedicated team will get in touch with you. We’ll work together to schedule two crucial sessions: media training and your interview. We recommend giving a two-week gap between these sessions to allow for ample preparation.
  2. Form Submission: Before your first session, we’ll send you a brief form to fill out. This form is essential because it provides our talented writers with the necessary information to start crafting a customized media training plan and script tailored specifically to highlight why you are the next newsworthy thought-leader.
  3. Media Training and Scripting: Our team will then swing into action, conducting media training to hone your skills and work with you to craft a compelling script. This step ensures you’re well-prepared and confident for your upcoming interview.
  4. Recording: With your training and script in place, we’ll schedule the recording of your interview. This is where you’ll shine and showcase your expertise and personality to the world.
  5. Editing and Transcription: After the interview, our experts will handle the editing and transcription of the video. This ensures your content is polished, optimized for search engine rankings and ready for rapid distribution across the world.
  6. Transcription Review: You’ll have the opportunity to review the transcription and add any relevant URLs or additional details to enhance the content.
  7. Publication Across Platforms: Once everything is perfected, we’ll send you a link to the transcription. This final version, along with your interview, will be published across a network of 14 different platforms, maximizing your global reach and impact.

With this seamless process, you’ll be well on your way to establishing your personal brand and making a significant impact on your journey of guest show appearances. Get ready to step into the spotlight!

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